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Nutshell is a dynamic CRM platform that goes above and beyond the traditional tools included in standard CRM programs. A quality CRM program achieves nothing if it is complicated for your sales representatives to use. Nutshell delivers the tips, tools, and support to take your sales staff and your business to the next level. With Nutshell, you won't waste time with endless data entry. You can automate most of the repetitive admin tasks you must do manually with other programs. Nutshell operates on the wise advice of working smarter, not harder; making your work time more productive. Set reminders that will automatically alert you when it is time to follow up with a client so that no potential deals fall through the cracks. Many businesses try to rely on spreadsheets and highlighting to track client communication, which leads to missed opportunities. Nutshell is an incredibly affordable and easy to use solution that will have you up and running and optimizing your customer interactions within 24 hours of opening the program. If you need assistance, you will not get an automated system that requires you to go through multiple steps to talk with a human being. Support staff is on hand to assist you anytime, from any device.